Monitor the field at any time and from anywhere

Monitor the field at any time and from anywhere, have constant decision support, alerts and real-time automation on your systems.

The Ofylia monitoring unit is a technologically advanced tool, simple to install and use, developed and produced by Ofylia. It does not need electricity, wifi or repeater installation. It provides detailed data that allows you to act quickly through notifications on your smartphone or computer. The devices can be geolocated to guarantee total control.


the sensor line is selected and optimized to provide the best benefits and generate precise indications and aiming. Like our TDR probes which allow you to have all the most important soil parameters under control with unprecedented precision and speed.

Monitoring software

Permette di avere sotto controllo tutti i parametri monitorati, di definire degli alert e automazioni e comprende anche un gestionale economico e di magazzino per l’azienda agricola, un sistema GIS per mappare gli appezzamenti e geolocalizzare i dispositivi in tempo reale.

Decision support

You can obtain action recommendations based on the data entered on the platform to optimize water management and improve the yields even of tired and altered soils, reducing the use of production inputs: the Ofylia method goes beyond the classic DSS and allows the pursuit of results


A team of expert technicians will show you the way to use these technological tools and will follow you in interpreting the data, configuring alerts, managing production inputs and calculating the efficiency of production yields